"Everything That Can Be Imagined Is Real." Pablo Picasso

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What is a Queen Of Ethereum?

QOE is a 7,777 unique digital queens collection (QOE) ruling on the ethereum blockchain.
By buying a queen, You will have an unique interactive collection and gain access to exclusive benefits on our platform.

At Mintanium, we believe in rewarding our loyal supporters. That's why we're offering Free MINT to all QOE holders on future collections, including our highly-anticipated "Kings of Eth" collection set to launch in Q2 2023 and "Degens of Eth" in Q3 2023.

Your queens are your keys to the kingdom.

Specificity & Rarity:

Each Queens of Eth is unique and program generated from over 400 possible vector handmade traits. These features are very detailed and have a multitude of variations, we find very sophisticated dresses, flamboyant hair, expressions from the craziest to the most serious.
Our artist uses and composes only in vector, and by his very digital style, his color gradients and his smooth shapes, finds a breathtaking quality and colorimetry.

The rarity is proportional to the quantity of tattoo observed :
45% of common
35% Rare
19.9% Epic
0.1% Legendary

Queens are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS.The prices will be much more advantageous for whitelist members but they remain to be defined.

Collaborative Story:

Welcome to the thrilling world of Ethereum kingdom where the fate of your digital collectible queen is in your hands! From teenage turmoil to revolutionary uprisings, the story of your queen is yours to create without limits. Each queen in our collection was once a disobedient princess, but her level of rebellion and rarity is determined by the number of tattoos present in her illustration.

It's not just about owning a unique digital asset, it's about writing the story of your queen's rise to power. Share your vision on our website, and let the world know how your queen conquered the Ethereum kingdom. Your story will be saved forever and available for the public to read.

We're rewarding the 40 best stories selected by our team. So, don't wait any longer, let your imagination run wild and tell the story of your queen's journey to the throne. Join the revolution and let your NFT queen rule the Ethereum kingdom."

High Quality Vector NFT Collection And Brand

We made the decision to push the adventure further to share these works beyond the digital world. With part of the funds generated by the sale of NFTs, we plan to innovate the digital collectible market with our fashion touch. An online store will be avaible whith clothinbrand "QOE" as well as derivative and inovative products such as playing cards, summer and winter clothes, posters, puzzles etc...

We understand the importance of the cross-over between these worlds and we truly believe to bridge these two together. Our goals will always be for the community - creating, building and innovating together.

We are in contact with suppliers and already have finalized prototypes of these collections which you can consult on our Online Shop and Lifestyle page. Don't forget to follow (@QueensOfEthNFT) on twitter for more infos.

Mintanium's Roadmap

  • Q1 2023

    Queens Of Ethereum's Roadmap

    25% Minted -
    Unlock the "Kings Of Ethereum" collection for Q2 2023,
    50% Minted -
    Start the "Legends Of My Queen Challenge"
    40 Best story will be graciously rewarded
    85% Minted -
    20 QOE will be airdropped to several random QOE holder
    100% Minted -
    We decided to do a collaboration with the Premint website between Queens Of Ethereum and Kings Of Ethereum.
    You will need at least 1 Queen in May 2023 to be Whitelist for our KOE collection which is scheduled for June 2023.
    Stay tuned !


A Promising Vector Artist:

Passionate about digital art and vector designer since 2017, our French artist is not afraid of the phenomenal amount of work it took for this collection.

The level of detail, perfectionism and diversity of these works is breathtaking, we can see on each of these NFTs, the harmony, the passion and the patience of this artist. With more than 400 layers possible for a single collection, we want to make "Queens Of Ethereum" the reference in the field of vector NFT art. Thanks to this new experience, Deizarts promises us an even more breathtaking "Kings OF Ethereum" collection for Q2 2023, stay tuned.

Why choose QOE?

Our team is proud to offer innovative digital art and solutions in the NFT market. We are convinced that our unique approach and different from other players in the sector will seduce customers who are looking for original and innovative products and services.
We are passionate about this project and put all our heart and soul into it. We leave nothing to chance.
Join the ethereum realm adventure with us!