Who are you ?

We are a French team of developer, artist and product designer put in touch on this fabulous project.
The artist in our team is a talented creative vector creator who knows how to enhance any idea with his unique and original designs.
The developer of our team is a programming expert, able to transform ideas into reality thanks to his know-how and his mastery of the most innovative technologies.
Finally, our product designer is a problem solver who knows how to anticipate the needs and expectations in the design of our product.

Our Team Members

The innovative idea of a fantastic collaborative story in The Web 3 ecosystem quickly became a project that motivated us with a vision without borders.

  • Deizarts

    Vector Artist & Founder

  • Jowlolz


  • Yvium

    Product Designer

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Why did you create this project?

We want to reach a new audience and expand the NFT ecosystem by creating a product brand and transmitting a whole series of articles beyond the digital world linked to our NFT collections. Our collections will also have more visibility and constant publicity through the sale of our derivative products. In addition, thanks to our collaborative story and legend writing system, we plan to create a universe where YOU are the narrators.

What is the Mintanium?

Mintanium is our trusted Launchpad which will be used to launch the 3 collections proposed by the artist Deizarts. It will also serve as a platform to tell us & store the stories told by our users We want to favor the quality of the collections over the quantity, the Mintanium will only accept high quality projects and collections by teams, artists and projects that we will determine from the top flight. All the collections launched in collaboration on the mintanium site will benefit from their own online store. We want Mintanium to be the holy grail of NFT launchpads

What is the Ethereum Realm?

The therm of metaverse being taken over at all costs, we want to add our personal touch to define this "Meta-word" in our own way. Thanks to the collaborative writing created by the holders of QOE, we want to stimulate the inspiration and creative spirit of our community by awakening the storytelling skills that lie dormant in each QOE holder through our interactive stories project. The best stories will be gracefully rewarded, as indicated on our Whitepaper, and will appear in a book which will be available for sale on our online store and which will compile the best stories selected by the community and our teams. Each holder, will have the opportunity to tell us the legends and come to the power of their Queens. It will be completely free in its creation, it will also be able to rely on other QOE stories, make it a continuity, a reference or a brand new one for example. QOE holders and members of our invested community, through their participation, will always have benefits and rewards over time. We want to write history with you, and create beyond a community, the tales and legends of the fabulous Ethereum Kingdom.

Brand And Realization

Each of the 3 collections launched by our artist will benefit from its own online store. We want to expand the NFT ecosystem beyond the digital world, democratize it and bring even more added value to the world of NFT and blockchain by transmitting to the public a whole series of products related to our collections: storybook, brand of clothing, goodies of all kinds, playing card, poster & puzzle etc..